Reasons To Replace Old Countertops

No matter where you live in MN, a kitchen upgrade is always the most popular renovation project for homeowners living in an older house. In some cases, and mainly when the counters are still in good condition, the cost of the renovation or upgrade can be reduced if the counters are simply painted or stained and the countertops are replaced.

While aesthetics and style may be the most obvious reason to upgrade the tops of your counters, there are a few other reasons to consider as well. If you are trying to decide if upgrading to natural stone or staying with the current countertops is the right choice, consider the following.

Eliminate Germ-Ridden Surfaces

Old counters, including tile and laminate, have some types of joins in the material. This joint area is filled with grout, which is a porous material. Grout can actually be a harbor for molds, mildew, and bacteria, creating the potential for germs and contamination for food prepared on these surfaces.

Using marble, granite, or even quartz as your counter surface can eliminate these issues. Quartz counters will have no joints, and marble and granite have very few, while some surfaces have no joint areas depending on size and shape. Additionally, sealant on the granite and marble protects the joints and also inhibits the porosity of the stone, ensuring germs and bacteria cannot find a place to hide.

Adds To the Appeal

In MN, as well as other states, natural stone countertops are seen as the gold standard. Even without a full kitchen renovation, simply replacing the counters can make a home more desirable to buyers. Being able to list natural stone countertops as a feature of the home on a real estate listing is going to bring in a specific type of buyer, which is important for future consideration with any kitchen update.


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