Reasons to Perform Pre Season Maintenance on a Furnace in Sparks

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Furnace


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Prior to the start of winter, it is important to have a home’s Furnace in Sparks inspected and maintained. By handling this task before the colder months of the year begin, the unit will be less likely to have problems during the time of year when it is needed most. This can be important to a homeowner and anyone residing in the home.

One of the most important steps in the maintainence of a furnace in Sparks is making sure it is properly cleaned. Most heating systems become quite dirty when they are in use. If this dirt is not cleaned on a regular basis, the unit will not operate efficiently or effectively. When this happens, the unit will use more power to operate. This can put a strain on a number of components in the system and cause them to break down or wear out. In addition, the use of additional power will mean the unit is increasing the amount of energy it uses. This can result in higher utility costs. When a unit is regularly cleaned, these types of issues can be avoided.

Most technicians will begin work on a Furnace in Sparks by cleaning the blower on the unit. This generally involves vacuuming the unit inside and out. Vents and grilles will also need to be cleaned to ensure air flows properly through the unit and it does not overheat. The air filter will also need to be checked and replaced.

The motor attached to the blower will need to be inspected as well. A technician will be looking for signs of damage to the motor or the wires connecting it to the home’s power supply. Making sure there are no signs of damage, burns, or deteriorated parts not only helps the unit run better, but it can help in ensuring the unit is safe to operate.

The burner on the furnace should also be checked and cleaned. This component is comprised of a number of little parts that can become dirty very easily. It is important that the soot and other debris be cleaned out of these parts regularly so the unit will operate effectively.

Making sure the Furnace in a home is in good working order is something most homeowners need to handle before the start of winter. This will help in ensuring their home is warm all season long.

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