Reasons to Hire a Professional for Residential Exterior Painting

Most homeowners want their properties to make the best possible first impression on both invited guests and neighbors. The first thing that most people notice about a property is whether or not the home itself is getting adequate upkeep. If a building goes too long without being painted, especially in a neighborhood where everyone else is fastidious about maintenance, it is unlikely to go unnoticed. When it’s time to have outside walls painted, be sure to hire someone with dedicated experience in Residential Exterior Painting. Read on to find out why.

Professional Results

It may be tempting for thrifty homeowners to save some money by attempting to do the job themselves, but if they don’t have experience, it’s unlikely that a DIY job is going to hold up to scrutiny. Exterior painting is harder than most people realize. Amateurs can end up spending days, or even weeks, buying necessary equipment and learning how to use it, only to end up with a sub-par paint job.

Professional Equipment

As noted above, professional results require professional equipment and a knowledge of how to use it. Homeowners attempting to paint their own houses can expect to invest in everything from ladders and buckets to pressure washers and drop cloths before even breaking out a can of paint. All of those equipment costs tend to add up fast.

Professional Prep Work

Residential Exterior Painting is more than just a matter of buying the right color of paint and the right equipment then ensuring even coating and adequate drying time between coats. It requires a lot of preparation as well. The siding must be pressure washed, or otherwise professionally cleaned, to remove any dirt and debris that can prevent the paint from properly adhering to the home. Often painters must also repair minor cracks and chips or replace rotting wood as well. Most homeowners simply don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to do all this work without risking damage to the house, or to their health.

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