Reasons to Get Residential Electrical Services in Bronx NY

Often people take electrical services for granted until they have a problem. Residences need to have electricity for lighting, heat, running appliances and other important daily tasks. Discover a few key reasons to get Residential Electrical Services in Bronx NY.

New Home Wiring

Moving into a new home means making sure everything works properly. Often a new home requires certain wiring before the buyers can move in. The homeowners might also want certain fixtures installed in the home. For example, ceiling fans require special wiring.

Circuit Breaker Update

When a person lives in an older home, the electrical system can be unpredictable. Wiring was done differently five or six decades ago. Some houses still have wiring from several decades gone by. A circuit breaker update is one of the important Residential Electrical Services in Bronx NY.

Outdoor Lighting

When the sun goes down, outdoor paths and living spaces can become dark and dangerous. Without proper lighting, an occupant or visitor could fall and get hurt. Electricians can install outdoor lighting such as landscape lighting to showcase a walkway or attractive garden. Porch lighting makes it possible to enjoy this living space any time of the day or evening.

Lighting Installations

After living in a house for a few weeks or months, people discover where additional lighting is needed. Office areas, living rooms and dining rooms are places where there is often not enough light. An electrician can install all types of lighting fixtures including chandeliers and ceiling lights. Adding additional lighting fixtures can give a home the light, bright look people prefer.

Electrical Outlet Wiring

Over time, electrical outlets may get loose or stop being reliable. If an outlet is functioning poorly, it can even become a fire hazard. An electrical service can fix electrical outlet wiring to ensure your home is safe.

Whether a homeowner needs an electrical outlet fixed or just purchased an elaborate new lighting fixture that needs to be installed, a local electrician can get the job done right. Contact Integrity Eletric to learn more about how an electrician can help you brighten up your surroundings with better lighting.


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