Reasons to Call a Child Custody Attorney in West Bend, WI

While the child custody and support arrangements were locked in with the divorce petition, things have not turned out the way everyone expected. Rather than trying to live with the situation or handle it without the help of a third party, it makes sense to contact a child custody attorney in West Bend, WI, and get the issue resolved. Here are a couple of examples of how this type of attorney can get things back on track.

Failure to Pay Child Support

One of the more common situations a child custody attorney in West Bend, WI, manages is a non-custodial parent who is not paying the court-ordered child support in a timely manner. The process will usually begin by confirming the amount of back support payments due, then contacting the non-custodial father or mother to make payment arrangements. If this first attempt does not produce results, the attorney will move on to taking whatever legal actions are appropriate. This can include filing a motion with the court to garnish wages, or possibly even have the parent picked up and placed in jail.

Denial of Child Visitation

Another situation the attorney can handle is a non-custodial parent who is denied his or her visitation rights. When it seems as if the custodial parent always has a reason why those visits must be postponed, both the non-custodial parent and the child are being denied something that they both deserve. An attorney can step in and make sure the custodial parent is aware of the legal ramifications of denying visitation to the non-custodial parent, up to and including the possibility of facing a reevaluation of the custody arrangement or spending a little time in jail.

The ultimate goal of child custody laws is to ensure that children are provided for in a proper manner and that they have the opportunity for close relationships with both parents. For anyone who is divorced and things are not going well in terms of the child custody arrangement, click here and learn more about what can be done. The solution may be much simpler than many people think.


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