Reasons for Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville, NC

North Carolina consumers face challenges when purchasing a new home. For some, the unfamiliar is a scary process that heightens their stress levels. It is during these times in which these consumers could make critical mistakes that cost them in the end. A real estate lawyer in Huntersville, NC safeguards these individuals and helps them through the process.

Buyers Need Their Own Attorney

An attorney officiates the closing. However, the closing attorney isn’t the buyer’s attorney. While they evaluate the documentation, they aren’t there to enforce the buyer’s rights. They aren’t there to ensure that the buyer gets the most appropriate deal on the property. They are there simply to ensure that no laws were broken during the transaction.

Buyers need their own attorney to evaluate the transaction and prevent either party from taking advantage of the buyer. They ensure that their rights are considered. They review the sales contract and ensure that the closing documents are in order.

A Thorough Assessment of the Mortgage Loan

Their attorney reviews the mortgage loan document. The primary focus is to prevent the potential of predatory lending practices. The attorney evaluates interest rates that are accessible to the buyer. They ensure that the lender exhausted all opportunities for finding the most suitable program for the buyer.

Why Buyers Need Title Insurance

Title insurance provides the buyer with a refund if the seller is unable to sell the property. The closing attorney conducts a title search to determine if the seller is the rightful owner. If the attorney discovers that the seller isn’t the rightful owner, the buyer receives their entire down payment. This prevents a financial loss for the buyer.

Protecting the Buyer During the Closing

During the closing, their attorney protects their interests. They guide the buyer through this entire process. They ensure that the buyer receives everything in which they are entitled through this transaction.

North Carolina consumers need an attorney to help them when they choose to buy a home. The attorney prevents them from falling victim to predatory lending practices. They also prevent the seller from taking advantage of their need for a home. Consumers who need a real estate lawyer in Huntersville, NC should contact Lake Law PLLC today.


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