Questions Your Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney May Ask

There are many forms of new technology used in vehicles that may be helpful in proving how an accident occurred. There is also a range of issues that can be used against a driver in an accident that may indicate distracted driving or, at least, not paying full attention to the traffic.

Cell Phones

In Minneapolis, the use of technology in vehicles is often one of the first questions a car accident attorney asks clients. The most common question is about the use of a phone in the vehicle. This can include if the phone was being used as a phone, if a text was being sent or received, or if the phone was being used as a navigation device.

Talking honestly to your Minneapolis attorney about the use of the phone when driving the vehicle is important. In cases where a lawsuit is involved, the question about the use of the phone in any way in the vehicle at the time of the accident is now standard. Phone records are typically requested to verify the statement by the driver or drivers in the accident.

Cameras and Photographs

Another use of technology is the use of cameras for recording or taking pictures of the accident scene. It is very helpful for the driver to take as many pictures and recordings of the accident scene, as this can be instrumental in recreating the accident if required.

The car accident attorney may use the pictures to work with car accident experts, to provide visual images for providing the case, or even to make the case to the insurance company prior to litigation.

A helpful tip from a top car accident attorney is to also use the camera feature on your phone to take pictures of IDs of witnesses, providing an error-free record of who was present and witnessed the accident.


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