Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor For Commercial Masonry in Boston MA

When working on large projects with a contractor and the building needs to have some masonry work done, do not automatically assume the contractor will have the best company on hand to work with. Masonry work is an unusual mixture of art, technique, and science. A good company needs to have all three components or the job will not turn out. It is extremely important to make sure the right company is hired, and here are some good questions to ask before any Commercial Masonry in Boston MA is completed.

The very first question to ask is what the company’s experience is. How long have they been doing commercial masonry work? How many jobs do they do in a year? How many jobs do they take on at the same time? How often have they worked similar jobs? If a company tells you an unusually high number for how many jobs they have completed in the last few months, it should be a warning they might focus more on getting the job done instead of getting the job done right. Quality masonry work takes time. It would also be a great idea to get references from past jobs.

The second question to ask is what the company’s lead time would be. With any big job, everything needs to be done in a certain order and knowing how long the company needs for each job is helpful in planning the current job. Most masonry companies like to be booked months in advance if possible. This gives them time to make sure they have the right stone and other materials on hand. If a company has a long lead time, it might be necessary to move on to the next option.

Finally, the last question to ask is pricing. Most people make the mistake of basing their decision on the prices alone, but these types of jobs can be unpredictable. It is impossible to know what might be hiding underneath the surface, so most companies will build a cushion into their quote to help offset those costs if they come up. While it is tempting to go with the least-expensive option, it will be the smarter choice to pick a company that is skilled in Commercial Masonry in Boston MA.

These three questions will get the ball rolling and should make finding the right company easy. For more information, click here.


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