Questions to Ask to Ensure That Your Student Housing Will Be Safe

Your home should be a safe place where you can go after a hard day at work or a hard day at university. In a perfect world, your landlord will be the one to make sure that your home is as safe as it can possibly be. Thankfully, if you move into student housing in Laramie, you are moving into a safe environment that allows you to be tranquil and at peace.

Still, it is good for you to check things before signing the lease and moving into student housing in Laramie. For example, take the time to review the function of the carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms. If you are on the second level or higher of an apartment, is there a fire escape? Examine the entrance to the building. How secure is the lock? Is the entrance well lit? These are all signs that indicate how safe the building you are moving into will be.

It is good to talk to your landlord about mold testing. Most buildings are tested for mold once every five to 10 years. If you are moving into an apartment, make sure that the locks have been changed before you move. Also, you may want to consider renters insurance even if it is not required by your lease. This insurance will protect you in case of theft or a natural disaster.

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