Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Roofer

When you are searching for a commercial roofing contractor, it’s essential to choose a reputable company for your commercial roof. You shouldn’t wait until your roof is leaking and experiencing water damage to do your research and find the right company. There are a few questions you can ask of a potential roofer before hiring them to work on your location of business.

Do They Operate from an Office?

While you may find a roofing company that does good work and doesn’t have an office location, it’s often better not to risk it. If you run into a problem down the line, you may be limited in finding the company to have the issue resolved. WeatherTight Systems, Inc has two fully functional offices in New Jersey and Fort Lauderdale, FL. A company that has a physical location is likely to be more professional than the guy in a truck you spot in traffic.

Is the Company Insured, Bonded, and Licensed?

It’s essential that the company you choose for your commercial roofing systems is bonded, licensed, and has the appropriate insurance to protect you if something goes wrong. When a company is licensed, you can expect that the technicians are experienced and capable of doing the job. Insurance makes sure you are protected if an accident happens on your property. Bonding helps to protect your investment in the service. You can count on WeatherTight Systems, Inc for these verification items. WeatherTight is licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. We are fully bonded and insured to protect all parties.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Warranties are essential because without them you’re stuck in a dangerous place if the roof doesn’t stand up to use. The length of the warranty will vary between companies so be sure to ask about it. You should also read your contract with the company to be sure the warranty is listed with the same terms you were told. WeatherTight Systems, Inc offers full warranties on every commercial roofing project.

Do You Offer Commercial References?

Asking for references is something you should always do. You should follow through with contacting them and asking questions about their experience. WeatherTight Systems, Inc’s prior customers would be happy to speak with you as a reference to our superior commercial roofing results. You can also find reviews online that will give you knowledge about what to expect with WeatherTight’s unparalleled craftsmanship.

Can You Provide a Written Estimate?

What you’re looking for is a proposal that is detailed and clear. It should include the start and finish dates, payment options, and specifications. WeatherTight’s proposals are thorough and include all the pertinent information needed to make the big decision for your commercial roof. After reading through the proposal you can ask any additional questions that may come up.

Free Commercial Roofing Estimates

WeatherTight Systems, Inc. specializes in all forms of commercial roofing and has decades of experience in the industry. We work with office buildings, warehouses, schools, churches, and factories. To learn more or request an estimate, you can reach us by phone at 877-893-9200 or visit our website at click here. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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