Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor For Commercial Installation Services in Charlotte, NC

Professional electrical work is the lifeblood of any building. If the electrical work is done improperly, it could lead to fires and other safety hazards, including loss of life. Here are some top questions to ask the contractor before hiring them for commercial installation services in Charlotte NC.

Are they properly licensed? Just because a contractor is licensed to perform residential work does not mean they are necessarily qualified to perform commercial work. Depending on the situation, the two jobs can be entirely different beasts. While all electricians within the state of North Carolina are state certified, this does not mean their license qualifies them for that particular job. In fact, in North Carolina, there are 10 different classifications of electrical licenses a contractor may or may not possess.

What are their specialties? Often, electricians may be trained in repair work or emergency services. They may not be trained in for a new installation of electrical wiring or certain forms of renovation work. Always ask what they are specifically trained for so that it is known they will be a good match for the job they are being hired for.

What residual work will be needed? There may be times when previously installed drywall or flooring needs to be drilled through or otherwise entered to perform the necessary work. The electrician may not be qualified to fix the areas that were penetrated for commercial installation services in Charlotte NC, so this will most likely be left up to the business owner to either fix themselves or hire another contractor to repair.

What are their warranties or guarantees? Any contractor that believes in their work should certainly be willing to stand behind it and offer a warranty. Make sure it is known exactly what is covered as just because the work is covered under warranty does not mean the materials are covered under warranty. Everything should be spelled out in black and white.

To schedule an estimate on the job that needs to be performed, contact a reputable contractor at website. They have the expertise and the experience to get the job done right the first time.


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