Quality Pump Inspection – Important for Your Safety

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services


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A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply and most often powered by electric, diesel or steam. The pump’s intake of water is connected to either the municipality’s underground water supply piping, or it can possibly be connected to some other water source. Fire pumps are vital when your local water system is not able to provide satisfactory pressure to meet the needs of the fire sprinkler system. Sometimes, the building is too tall, or a warehouse is too large and that is when a fire pump is required for satisfactory fire protection.

Safety First
Fire pump systems are extremely reliable and play a significant part in reducing fire catastrophes and property damage during unexpected fire emergencies. Regular inspection, testing and maintenance is essential if you want to have full fire protection. Equipment, such as fire pumps will deteriorate over time. Since they are not used on a regular basis, a routine inspection and scheduled maintenance should be conducted to determine their condition.

You will want the appropriate professionals who are qualified and trained to do your pump inspection. Illinois Fire Code requires that these tests be performed “in the presence of a representative” of the Fire Prevention Bureau. That’s how important pump inspection is!

How to Keep a Fire Pump in Tip Top Shape
Different types of fire pumps require different types of testing from anywhere between 10 minutes per week to 30 minutes per week. You will need to cause the water pressure in your fire pump system to drop, just the same way it would drop if your sprinkler heads had opened. When this happens, your fire pump will kick on and start pumping water into the test line. If this doesn’t happen, you should call a fire protection service company to come and do a pump inspection.

Having a regular fire pump maintenance plan in addition to your annual fire pump inspection is essential to keeping a well maintained and safe environment. Weekly, monthly, annual and maintenance to your pump should be completed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. Never cut back when it comes to safety.

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