Qualities to Look for When Searching for Good LSU Off-Campus Housing

After your freshman or sophomore year, you may no longer want to live on campus. The dormitories are too small and crowded for your liking. You need more space and privacy.

To find accommodations that suit your needs, you can look for an apartment off-campus. These qualities are some to look for in top quality LSU off-campus housing.

Ample Space

When you look at apartments to move into, you want to consider those that offer enough space for a busy college student like you. You may need ample closet space for your clothing. You also need areas for studying in and relaxing in between classes.

Depending on whether you plan on living with a roommate, you may want a one or two-bedroom apartment. You can have plenty of space for living during the college year.


You also want an apartment that offers you plenty of privacy. In the dorms, it was difficult to have privacy every day. However, in your own apartment, you can come and go as you please and not have to worry about others knowing about your personal business.

You can find out more about the qualities to look for when you search for good LSU off-campus housing to move into this college year. You can take a tour and find out more about floor plans for the apartments online. To schedule a tour, reach out to Ion Baton Rouge.


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