Qualifying Conditions For A Medical Card In Jacksonville, FL

Throughout the United States, each state has the ability to legalize the use of marijuana for medical or recreational use. For example, Florida has set forth laws to legalize the use of medical marijuana for patients in the state with qualifying conditions.

Getting an MMJ Card

Obtaining a medical marijuana card, also known as a medical card, is a requirement to purchase medical cannabis through a dispensary in Florida. In Jacksonville, FL, patients can obtain the necessary recommendation for the MMJ card by visiting an approved medical marijuana doctor.

Before the visit, patients complete an application and submit the required medical records. At the visit, the medical marijuana doctors review the records and make a recommendation, entering the patient’s information into the state registry. Next, the patient receives an email confirmation with a link that allows them to pay a fee and apply for the MMJ card. Patients completing this process receive a temporary MMJ card by a confirmation email, with their medical card arriving by mail in about ten days.

Qualifying Conditions

Patients in Jacksonville, FL, with a recognized qualifying condition on the list from the state of Florida must still complete a visit with an approved medical marijuana doctor.

Qualifying for a medical card can include both psychological and medical health conditions. For example, migraines, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, IBS, glaucoma, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and HIV/AIDs are just some of the qualifying conditions.

The state also allows approved medical marijuana doctors to make recommendations based on medical conditions that are “of the same kind or class.” Examples of these include diabetes, arthritis, terminal conditions, anorexia, and Hepatitis C. Working with your medical marijuana doctor will determine if specific medical or psychological conditions qualify for an MMJ card in the state.


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