Proving Your Disability Claim with the Help of a Social Security Lawyer

A social security disability claim is often rejected the first time it is submitted. Some individuals opt to continue trying, and others choose to retain a Social Security Lawyer to assist in proving their claim and obtaining benefits. People are often hesitant to take this step because they are worried about the cost. However, federal law limits the amount an attorney may charge for his or her services in this situation. A client can only be asked to pay $6,000 or 25 percent of any disability back pay that is received, and these fees are typically only assessed when the case is won. The exception to this is when the case must be appealed. What are the benefits of hiring an attorney in this situation?

Initial Approval Odds

One reason many individuals choose to retain a social security attorney is doing so helps to increase the chances of being approved for benefits. The attorney is experienced in presenting social security disability cases in a favorable light. They help the client determine the alleged onset date of the person’s disability, gather the necessary documentation to prove the claim, and decide which listed impairment the condition falls under in the Social Security ‘blue book’.


In the event the claim is initially denied, the attorney can be of assistance in appealing the decision. He or she argues on behalf of the client that the SSA made the wrong decision and explained in legal terms why this is the case. The attorney likewise stays with the case if it goes all the way to federal court. The average person does not feel confident handling these tasks on his or her own and turn to an attorney for help in resolving the matter.

Don’t hesitate to speak to a Social Security Lawyer concerning your case. An attorney will sit down with you to discuss the facts of your case and determine its merit. With this information, you can best determine how to proceed. If you are ready to meet with an attorney, contact Eric Hunt ( He’ll be happy to meet with you at any time. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!


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