Providing Routine Furnace Maintenance Reduces the Need for Heating Repair in Neenah WI

Autumn is quickly descending upon us, bringing shorter daylight hours and crisper, cooler night temperatures. The falls season usually prompts homeowners to begin preparing their furnace for the winter season. Unfortunately, it also forces many homeowners to seek Heating Repair in Neenah WI, and no one wants to go through a Wisconsin winter without heat.

The most common repairs noted by HVAC professionals with home heating systems include the following:

* Faulty thermocouple -; A thermocouple is the furnace’s safety device, shutting off the system’s gas supply when a problem is detected, such as the pilot light is out. It should be noted that some furnaces rely on an electronic igniter and therefore will not have a thermocouple. A faulty thermocouple itself can be faulty not permitting the furnace to turn on. If the pilot light can be lit manually, but then goes out when the fuel feed valve is released, then the thermocouple has likely failed.

* Thermostat -; If the furnace cycles on and off repeatedly, doesn’t turn on at the set temperature, or fails to come on altogether, the culprit may be the thermostat. Contact a service technician at Bob’s quality heating & cooling to replace a failed thermostat.

* Dirty Filters -; Dirty and clogged air filters can bring a furnace to its knees, so to speak. Furnace filters should be checked monthly, and if dirty, then replaced. A gunked up filter severely impairs air-flow causing the furnace to expend more energy to circulate air. In the long-term, a dirty air filter may damage the unit’s limit switch, which controls the furnace’s fan. If this happens, a once inexpensive solution has now multiplied.

* Pilot Light -; Two types of furnace pilot lights or ignition systems exist, hot surface and intermittent. Hot surface types use a resistance heating element, similar to a light bulb filament, that electronically ignites the burner. The intermittent system uses an electrical spark to electronically light the burner. Common issues with pilot lights are clogged valves or faulty components.

It seems silly after investing thousands of dollars in a home’s HVAC system that a homeowner would neglect to provide routine maintenance. However, lack of maintenance is one of the primary reasons for system failures noted by HVAC technicians, resulting in Heating Repair in Neenah WI. Failure to provide or arrange for annual maintenance results in premature breakdowns, increased energy bills, and poor overall performance.


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