Protecting the Local Workforce with Employment Law in Northampton, MA

If you’re in the same position as millions of your fellow Americans, you have to work just to make ends meet. Like them, you probably strive to get to work on time every day, follow company policies to the letter and make every effort to meet and exceed the expectations of your employer. In an ideal world, these factors would be enough to guarantee your job is always there for you. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world.

Standards have been set and regulations created to protect the nation’s workforce against all types of unfairness. If your rights have been violated in this regard, you need someone well versed in Employment Law Northampton MA to help ensure justice is served. While this is a broad area of the legal world, some common issues stand out among the rest.

Despite a long and ever-growing list of laws regarding fairness in the workplace, discrimination continues to run rampant. Though people’s minds are drawn to ethnicity when references are made to discrimination, it actually runs far deeper. Age, gender, disability, and any number of other factors can lead to unjustified termination, job transfer, being passed up for well-deserved promotions, and being denied salary increases. These same elements may prevent you from getting a job in the first place.

Pregnancy falls into a protected category as well. Expectant mothers fully qualified for their jobs and eligible for maternity leave find themselves being fired, demoted, or denied certain benefits for unjustified reasons. Appeals often fall on deaf ears due to lack of legal representation. Without an experienced advocate speaking on your behalf, you may be unable to prove you were treated unfairly.

Employment Law Northampton MA is a complex field, and solidifying your case may be a difficult task on your own. Employers who use tactics like these against their staff members tend to know exactly what to say to turn the tables in their own favor. If you’re facing challenges in the workplace and believe they’re a result of unfair employer bias, contact Connor Morneau & Olin Attorneys at Law. They offer legal support for the many issues Massachusetts residents face in today’s workplace.


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