Protect You And Your Car With Good Insurance

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Insurance Services


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Owning a car is big responsibility and it needs to be maintained to work properly. Not only does your car need to be kept in good working condition to get you from point A to point B, it also needs to be insured.  Having your car insured is required by law to drive your car legally, and to protect you if you should ever be involved in an accident. There are many options for you to get car insurance in Chesapeake, VA.

Types Of Insurance To Fit Your Needs

There are several options available that can fit your needs and even your budget. The minimum type of coverage and most common, is liability. With liability, damages to you and damages to another person’s property in the event of an accident are covered. Along with liability, you can add extra protection with medical expense coverage as well, for instance, to help with paying for medical bills in the event of injury obtained in an accident. There are other options, too, such as collision coverage that covers property damages such as a damaged bumper or broken headlights. Another is comprehensive coverage, which covers damages not caused by an accident, but due to natural incidents such as hail, flooding or even theft.

Additional Benefits

There many other options available to protect you even more. In the event that you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, and even an under-insured one, there are additional coverage options to protect you and your property in these circumstances, as well. In the event you are in an accident that occurs away from home, you can also get travel expenses and car rental coverage, along with road side assistance to help cover the costs of towing your vehicle for repair. There are many options to make sure that you and your property is covered and protected in the event of an accident. For more information visit Nina Ambrose Insurance Agy Inc.

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