Protect and Improve the Appearance of Your Home with Siding Contractors in Lexington KY

For many years, people painted their homes to keep it looking beautiful and to protect the home from the elements of nature. However, the paint does not last very long. In a few short years, paint can fade and chip. This requires the homeowner to remove the damaged paint and apply new paint to maintain a home. In the past few decades, homeowners learned about the many benefits of siding and how it is far superior to paint. Siding contractors in Lexington KY provide services to professionally install a variety of siding for homes in the area.

Long-Lasting Curb Appeal

One of the most obvious benefits of siding is that it can last a lot longer than paint. High-quality paint can last on a home up to eight years before it begins to fade and chip. The average vinyl siding can last 25 years or more while retaining its vibrant color. This allows homeowners to give their home a beautiful new look that will last to help increase the curb appeal. Siding can also increase the overall value of the home by nearly 70% of the cost. This makes it an easy choice over paint.

Protecting the Home

Siding can also protect the home from rain, snow, and debris. When these things blast the side of the home, it can cause damage to the structure. Paint can provide some protection from this issue, the water can still seep into crevices and pose risks of damage to the exterior walls. Siding provides a more resilient option that can deter water and such from making it to the walls. Siding contractors in Lexington KY offer many options to provide the best protection for any home.

Energy Efficiency

To keep a home energy-efficient, steps must be taken to reduce heat transfer. Most homeowners take extra precautions to prevent this from occurring around windows and doors. However, a lot of heat transfer takes place through the exterior walls of a home. When siding is installed, contractors can offer an additional lining to help further minimize this heat transfer. The combined efforts of the siding and the lining can significantly lower the heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Siding comes in a variety of styles and colors. This allows homeowners to create a unique and beautiful home that represents themselves inside and out. Find more information about the benefits of the siding at the website.


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