Proper Nail Care After Getting Acrylic Nails Removed

When someone decides they no longer wish to keep acrylic nails in place, they will most likely want to maintain their real fingernails so they grow in healthy after the removal of the acrylic nails. There are several steps a person can take in the care of their nails so they look their best at all times. Here are some tips that can be used regarding Nail Care to help keep fingernails looking great after acrylics are removed.

Keep The Nails Short While Regrowing Them

After someone has acrylic nails removed, it is best to keep their real nails trimmed very short as they wait for them to grow out. The real nails that were hidden under the acrylics will be brittle and susceptible to splitting, cracking, and peeling. Keeping them trimmed will aid in them growing quicker as they will be less likely to rip if they become snagged on an item during daily activities.

Head To A Salon For A Hand Massage

Getting a hand massage can aid in encouraging healthy regrowth. Using products with Vitamin E or coconut oil upon the hands during the massage will help in keeping the cuticle area in the best of health. A salon can aid in the selection of the right products to use during a hand massage to help keep the nails strong during the regrowing process.

Use Nail Products To Encourage Healthy Regrowth

It is a good idea to put a layer of protection on nails after acrylic is removed. A base coat will keep the nail from being brittle. Covering it with a layer of nail polish will help in improving the appearance of the nails as they grow. A manicure can be done by a salon to help in the maintenance of the nails so they remain in the best of condition.

When there is a need to see a professional for assistance in Nail Care, going to a salon known for their great customer service and competitive prices is best.


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