Professional Landscape Maintenance in Spokane Ensures a Beautiful Yard

It’s a big job for a homeowner to keep their lawn mowed and and groomed. It can get even harder when insects and other pests invade their landscape. The easiest and most effective way to deal with these tasks is to hire professionals to perform Landscape Maintenance in Spokane. They have the knowledge, skills and equipment to quickly assess what needs to be done and then do it promptly. With professionals in charge, homeowners no longer have to spend time researching which fertilizers are best and when they should be applied. They also don’t have to wonder if the bug they see in their yard is harmless.

While most homeowners can safely mow their grass, they may have a much harder time tending to trees. Even smaller trees can grow to be six to eight feet. People usually have to climb on ladders to them. It is very difficult and dangerous to stand on a rickety ladder with a chainsaw. As people age, these tasks become more difficult. Trained professionals can easily perform this type of landscape maintenance in Spokane. There are three reasons that they give to trim and prune trees. The tree starts to damage other parts of the landscape. The structural integrity of the tree is at risk. Improving it’s appearance will increase the beauty and value of the landscape. After they evaluate the trees and landscape using these criteria, they will make recommendations to the homeowner.

Keeping pests away from the landscape, helps protect the home itself from insects and pests. Termite infestations can begin in dead trees or stumps left on the property. If these are near the home, termites can make the leap from dead wood to the wood steps leading up the deck. Swales and other wet areas can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the diseases they bring. Once the inside of the home has been cleared of insects such as spiders, it is proactive to lay down a chemical barrier outside the home to prevent their re-entry. Professional landscapers can tend to all of these issues.

Spokane Procare is one of the full-service landscape maintenance companies in the region. Browse our website to learn more about our services. You can use the form there to request a free estimate.

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