Professional General Dentist in Eagan, MN

Oral health is essential to everyone and keeping teeth healthy can reduce the risk of other diseases that could affect the body. Bad oral hygiene and gum disease can cause infections in the bloodstream if gone untreated and lead to heart disease. Seeing a Dentist in Eagan MN can reduce the risk of health issues related to tooth problems and help keep a person smiling. Many dentists will specialize in a particular area of dental care to help reduce the risk of certain oral health issues.

Specialty Dentists like a Periodontist, or Endodontist will work with patients whose gum lines are receding or have bone loss in the jaw allowing teeth to become loose or have already fallen out. They cater to maintaining the existing teeth and helping to develop dentures or bridges to fill in the areas where the teeth have already been lost. These specialty dentists work with teeth and gum issues that affect a broad population of people that suffer from hereditary, or medically related oral health problems. Sometimes the only options available dentures or dental implants when a person’s teeth cannot be saved.

Many dental practices now offer a better alternative to traditional dentures for people who have lost their teeth to these issues. A Dentist in Eagan MN can help patients with their teeth by doing dental implants. Dental implants are made to look like a person’s real teeth and fit better than dentures. They attach to posts surgically placed in the bone of the jaw for the teeth to hook into, they can be permanently placed or can be removable based on patient needs. Unlike dentures dental implants have a 98% success rate and can last a lifetime.

Dentures have to be resized or completely often remade several times in a person’s life because of changes in the facial structure as they age. Implants look more natural and take less time for a person to get used to wearing. People have an easier time with speech as well, because dental implants do not require adhesives to keep them in place. Dakota Dental & Implant Center has been helping patients keep their smiles healthy and giving others alternatives to traditional dentures. For patients looking to explore all the options available click here and see why others trust their oral health to them. They offer cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening as well.

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