Problems With Partial Replacement of Older Vinyl Siding in Colorado Springs

Serious damage to Vinyl Siding in Colorado Springs is covered by homeowners insurance after a bad storm comes through the area. A storm that brings heavy, wind-blown hail or that blows siding off the building with straight-line winds can do costly damage. One problem some homeowners find is that the siding on their house has been discontinued by the manufacturer. What can they do to get replacement panels that completely match the color and texture?

Insurance adjusters actually are accustomed to this problem. It’s not entirely unusual, since Vinyl Siding in Colorado Springs lasts for decades. Homeowners can be upset to discover that their siding, which was installed 10 or 20 years ago, has been discontinued. It’s understandable for people to get angry over this situation. Unfortunately, an insurance company is usually only obligated to return the dwelling to its previous state, not to make sure all the siding matches exactly.

Before an episode like this ever occurs, a homeowner might want to contact a company such as Peakview Windows and Siding to learn whether the existing siding is still available, or if an exact match can be found even if that particular siding is off the market. The reason to be proactive is because a handful of insurance companies have started offering policies that replace all the siding in such an event instead of only the damaged material. This is very advantageous for homeowners who would otherwise have two options: pay out of pocket to replace the undamaged siding, or live with the unmatched exterior.

Admittedly, those policies are likely to cost more than the traditional homeowners insurance. Property owners must weigh the odds of a severe hail or windstorm causing serious damage to the siding and the associated replacement cost with the additional policy premium. If their siding or no precise match is on the market, they may want to set aside a certain amount of savings to cover out-of-pocket storm damage if they don’t want to change their insurance. A free estimate can be obtained from an area siding contractor. Homeowners may visit the website Website Domain for contact information on this particular organization.

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