Problems that Affect a Septic System in Apopka FL

There are many things that determine the comfort experienced in a home. Bathroom matters are the most vital of these comfort determiners. Bathroom matters extend from the shower and bath to the whole system involved in the drainage of wastes from the house to the rest of the system all the way to the septic tank. In fact, the septic is the central part of the drainage system for bathroom wastes. When there is a problem with the septic, the rest of the drainage will have a problem. Here are a few of the common problems that affect the Septic System in Apopka FL and the solutions that excellent plumbers offer.

The level of sludge rising to high

Most anaerobic tanks have a system whereby the liquid waste from the bathroom is filtered off to recycling and the solid is acted on by bacteria that decomposes it. When the level of the sludge starts rising to levels that are high above what is normal, there can only be 3 explanations:

* That the tank has been in operation for many years and needs some good pumping to clean out.

* That the tank has been contaminated by chemicals or detergents that have killed off the bacteria in the tank.

* That the tank’s filter mechanism has been blocked and as a result, the liquid and solid aren’t getting separated as they should.

The solution to this problem is getting the tank pumped and cleaning it, filter included then finding out what could be decimating the bacteria.

How to tell you have septic troubles

The common indicators of septic trouble are as follows:

* Bathwater backing up to the house.

* When the toilets won’t flush and fill with water instead.

* When there are bad odors from the yard.

If you notice any of the signs of trouble, you should consult an expert within the shortest time possible. This is because ignoring the issue might lead to wastes flooding the backyard which is a health hazard. Experts in plumbing repairs and servicing the entire Septic System in Apopka FL will help fix whatever problem could be wrong with your system. You can check here for further details on septic tank maintenance.


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