Problems Requiring Furnace Repair in Whitehouse Station, NJ

The furnace is the primary heat source during colder months. The operation is vital during this time period. However, the heavy demand during this time can result in a breakdown. Since this can occur at any time, it is critical to pay attention to these indications of a problem in the furnace.

While heat can have its own peculiar smell, the scent of something burning coming through the vents indicates a need for Furnace Repair in Whitehouse Station NJ. If it smells like something is on fire, dirt or debris trapped in the system may have ignited. This can result in the smell coming from the vents. The only way to isolate this fire is to immediately shut off the furnace and let it cool down. An investigation into the smell can be conducted to ensure none of the system components have been damaged.

An abnormally high temperature in the furnace is also another indication of a problem. While designed to put out a lot of heat, there are components in the furnace that require cooling. If these parts overheat, trouble is brewing inside. A hotter than normal furnace temperature can result in parts melting or things catching on fire. A periodic check of the furnace is needed during its peak season of operations to ensure it isn’t going over limits.

A lack of heat also indicates the need for Furnace Repair in Whitehouse Station NJ. Burned out heating elements, a blown fuse, or a blockage in the system can be preventing the heat from making it through the venting system. To prevent further problems or repairs needed to the furnace, it should be shutdown until an investigation can be conducted. If the problem is a result of a blockage, the furnace can overheat which can lead to costly repairs.

Burning smells, abnormally high temperatures inside the furnace, or a lack of heat are indications of a problem. In many of these cases, it is best to shut the system down until the problem can be identified. Contact Schaibles Plumbing for a diagnosis of the problem and a solution to get the furnace back online for the rest of the season.


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