Preventing the Need for Emergency AC Repair in Cabot With Annual Maintenance

Emergency AC Repair in Cabot often can be avoided simply by having a technician inspect and service the equipment before the heating season begins. For instance, a refrigerant leak could be discovered at that time and can be repaired. The average homeowner generally doesn’t have the tools or the know-how required to check for refrigerant leaks. If enough of the substance leaks out while the unit is running, the compressor could fail. That event leads to an expensive service call.

Thorough Cleaning

During the annual maintenance appointment, a technician from a company such as such as Paschall Plumbing & HVAC also cleans the exterior unit and the interior equipment. Vacuuming and brushing away of small particles eliminates debris. Condenser and evaporator coils are thoroughly cleaned of any dirt or mildew that has become stuck to these parts. Visit Website for information on this particular organization.

Checking Tube Insulation

The refrigerant tubes should be insulated with foam to provide some protection from sun and heat. That foam can become worn and frayed over time. If the yard is home to squirrels and chipmunks, they may gnaw on the foam as well. If the insulation needs replacing, the technician will do so.

Other Tasks

Motors are lubricated and belts are evaluated. A belt may need to be tightened, or it may be so worn that it should be replaced. The technician also checks the airflow through the system and verifies that the thermostat is accurate. If this work is not done, AC Repair in Cabot will be necessary when a belt breaks or a motor fails because it was not adequately oiled.

Landscaping Modifications

The technician will inform the property owners if any modifications should be made to the landscaping around the compressor. For example, if the owners put up a small fence to hide the unit, it may be located too close, which blocks air circulation. That causes the equipment to run hotter and less efficiently. If trees have been dropping leaves, seeds, or cones into the unit, that can cause problems. Trees could be trimmed back so no branches are directly overhead.


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