Prevent Waste Overflows With Expert Drain Cleaning

Every plumbing installation must have a matching drainage system. This is necessary so that any waste water can be eliminated. Unfortunately, the pipes used for this task can get dirty, accumulate gunk and develop clogs. Fixing this issue requires expert Drain Cleaning because the blockage may not be something simple. For instance, a clog in the main sewer line could be the result of accumulated waste clinging to a fitting in the pipe or it might be the result of plant roots growing in the line. Letting an expert examine the plumbing can reduce the time it takes to effect repairs. In the case of a clogged sewer main, the plumber may begin the process by visually examining the interior of the pipe.

Inspecting the sewer line requires a specific tool commonly known as a video snake. This device uses a long flexible cable to transport a video camera deep inside the pipe. The video snake allows the plumber to see a variety of problems including damage from roots, cracks in the pipe wall, separating joints and waste accumulation. If the property owner is lucky, then the problem is a simple clog because the other issues often require more extensive repairs. For example, sewer lines with cracks could require pipe replacement or an insert to seal the cracks. If the blockage is due to roots, then the plant causing the root growth may need to be removed or the pipe itself placed in a different location.

The most common reasons for drain cleaning include a dirty pipe trap and clogs in the sewer line. Pipe traps are those curved pieces of pipe installed close to the drain and their purpose is to prevent sewer gases from entering the building. They function by trapping liquid in the crook of the pipe so that any gases cannot pass. Unfortunately, this can also trap debris and prevent waste water from draining. Cleaning the trap usually requires its removal. Cleaning a sewer line can be much more difficult. The plumber can usually break up a blockage using a pipe snake to get the sewage is flowing again. However, extremely dirty sewer lines may require water jetting to lower the chance of a clog building up again. Get more details about drain cleaning from the experienced plumbers at You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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