Prevent Disease with Pet Vaccinations, Contact a Vet in Harwood Heights

Pets require a certain amount of preventive care to remain healthy. This involves several veterinary responsibilities. Your pet needs to have a yearly check-up, dental care, and heartworm prevention medication. The most pressing part of the yearly visit, however, is the pet vaccinations. These are not only considered necessary to prevent disease, but are often required by law. The rabies vaccination is recorded by your vet, paperwork is provided, and a tag is supplied to the owner. Documentation should be kept on hand in case of an altercation with another animal or human. It is the law. The remaining vaccinations are necessary for pet boarding and daycare facilities. A convenient Harwood Heights clinic can help.

Qualified Professionals

Your pet’s health should not be taken lightly. It is reasonable to expect your pet to be cared for by qualified professionals. Take the time to ask about the credentials of the staff at your care location. This excellence of care can be found in Harwood Heights when searching for pet vaccinations. Everyone at your veterinarian’s office should be well-trained and knowledgeable. Front desk staff provide the first impression to customers. Be sure that you feel comfortable with the service from the minute you arrive. Professional receptionists, patient vet technicians, and concerned doctors, are things you should look for at a veterinary office.

Your Best Option

There are often many choices when it comes to veterinary care. When you find a qualified vet close to home, preventative and emergency care is much more convenient. Vaccinations are best done by a veterinarian that knows your pet and their health history. Vaccinations are only a part of annual vet care. Every check-up offers a chance to ask questions, raise concerns, and improve your pet’s health.

For pet vaccinations, visit Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Harwood Heights. For more information, contact them online at


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