Prepare Yourself for a Visit With a Park Ridge Dentist With These Tips

Whether you’ve been going to a dentist all your life and you’re seeing someone new or you’ve never been to an office, you likely won’t know what to expect until you meet the staff. Fortunately, there are some basic details and procedures that you’ll usually find in most offices so that you can be as prepared as possible.


There are various documents that you’ll usually have to complete when you visit a dentist near Park Ridge. Some offices have the documents online so that they can be completed before your appointment. You’ll likely need to provide information about your insurance coverage and procedures that other dentists have performed in the past.


When you meet with the hygienist, you’ll usually discuss your overall oral health and what you do to keep your mouth and teeth clean at home. The hygienist will clean your teeth and could remove plaque or tartar buildup if there is any present. The dentist will usually come in to examine your teeth to determine if there are any cavities or if there are any other issues that should be addressed right away or that need monitored.

Looking Closer

When you visit a dentist near Park Ridge, you could have an X-ray of your teeth taken. This image can give the dentist a better look at the areas between your teeth to determine if there are any cavities. The dentist can also see if there are any broken teeth or abscesses that need to be treated with medications.

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