Pre-paid Debit Cards VS Bank Issued Cards

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Financial Services


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Two decades ago it was incredibly difficult to get a debit card without a bank account. Now, however, they are available from most large retailers, and some stores even have their own branded cards that offer rewards. These cards have evolved over the past few years but still, revolve around a few basics that make them appealing to their targeted audience. The biggest of these is their lack of personal information.


Pre-paid cards, because they are not going through a bank, do not require you to submit as much personal information as you would in order to get a bank account. For the security and privacy-conscious, this means that they can protect their identities better from potential security breaches that can leak customer data.

Banks, on the other hand, provide high levels of security for the accounts they have. This is a must, both as a government requirement and the bank’s own desire to protect its reputation.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a major convenience for many people who choose to have their paycheck automatically added to their account rather than get a paper check. Doing this will often save you time and money having to go to the bank and make deposits. While in the beginning, many companies did not offer direct deposit for pre-paid cards, now most will allow you to use it and even make getting the needed information easier than ever.

If you are considering getting one of the many all-access pre-paid Visa debit cards on the market, then be sure to get one with the proper endorsements. The most popular are the Visa endorsement since they are the largest credit card issuing company. The second is MasterCard. Either of these is going to be a good choice since both are accepted at most locations. As long as your card has this endorsement, then it is treated the same as any other Visa or MasterCard.

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