Powerful Leadership Workshops With a Dubai Motivational Keynote Speaker

Host a seasoned, world class Dubai motivational keynote speaker at your next corporate workshop to solidify team spirit, illuminate precision management skills and strengthen your competitive sales strategies. Here’s a tiny but standout sample of what to expect.

Hire the Absolute Best of the Best

Evaluating a world class Dubai motivational keynote speaker isn’t like buying a car. Speakers don’t have rigid technical specs about themselves and they can’t be test driven. However, there are several credentials and unique criteria that the best of the best in motivational keynote speakers typically possess.

Elite motivational keynote speakers often boast professional memberships in the International Federation for Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association (NSA). They found and own successful businesses, have advanced business degrees or corresponding experience in dynamic business environments.

A rare handful tout a Certified Speaking Professional designation, the NSA’s highest. Typically, such speakers also have popular books to their credit as well as a wealth of available keynote speech topics in the motivation, humor, leadership, team building and sales/marketing categories.

What Makes Dubai Different

When you combine the above with Dubai’s incomparable vibe and beauty, you get a motivational event that teaches, touches, transforms lives and careers. Dubai consists of a highly unique, advanced landscape rich with stellar venues perfect for large workshops: the Sofitel Dubai Downtown and the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), to name a few.

Visit DougDvorak.com and discover more about the peerless grace, knowledge and power of the Dubai motivational keynote speaker Doug Dvorak, one of the world’s preeminent, exciting sales and leadership keynote orators.


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