Potential Benefits of Using Retaining Walls in Randolph, NJ

It can be difficult sometimes to figure out the best way to landscape a yard. This is particularly the case when the land has a steep grade or slopes. One potential solution is Retaining Walls in Randolph NJ. There are a number of advantages of adding these walls to the landscaping plan.

Limits Erosion

With any sloped land, a big rainfall can lead to erosion of the soil. Installing Retaining Walls in Randolph NJ, especially if they include irrigation and drains inside, can help to limit the erosion of the soil and keep the land healthier and looking its best. Land that is steep and eroding can be a slip and fall hazard and also may make flooding more likely.

Make It More Usable

Land that’s very steep is hard to use for many purposes. Using retaining walls to terrace the land gives a homeowner more usable land for purposes such as planting a garden or making a patio. Then the homeowner can add walkways to reach each of the different areas of interest in the yard. Not only will the land be usable for more purposes, but it will also require less maintenance once the system is in place. It’s one of the few low-maintenance landscaping options for yards.

Visual Appeal

A yard that’s terraced into multiple levels and landscaped with suitable plants creates a very striking vision, making it a good choice for those who want to have a yard that is appealing to look at. Land that is steep and not well landscaped can look very unappealing with piles of dirt and stand water, which could make it difficult to sell a home or make it, so the neighbors complain.

Other Considerations

These walls can be made from stone or from concrete, each of which has their pros and cons. If using stone, it can be dry stacked, which allows for moving the stones around, or it can be constructed with mortar to hold the stones in place. The addition of a retaining wall will also increase the value of the home. They last for a long time when properly built and typically don’t require any repairs.


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