Potential Benefits of Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Some people have difficulties participating in activities that are common in daily life, either due to physical disabilities, mental disabilities, or injuries. Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA helps people to figure out how to perform these tasks given their current situation. Unlike physical therapy, which focuses more on range of motion, pain levels, strength, endurance, and gross motor function, occupational therapy focuses more on sensory processing, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and visual-perceptual skills.

Makes Independent Living More Feasible

People need to be able to take care of themselves to be able to live independently. Sometimes taking part in Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia PA is enough to be able to accomplish this. The therapist can work with the client to figure out how the person can complete necessary tasks given their current situation and abilities, which may involve making modifications to the home environment to make it safer and easier for the person to do these tasks.

Helps Kids Fit In

In the case of children, sometimes occupational therapy is necessary for them to be able to participate in sports, write well, or behave properly in group situations. For example, a child may need to improve their hand-eye coordination to be able to bat a ball or may need to improve fine motor skills to be able to hold a pencil to write in school. In some cases, this may include having the children use special equipment to make the tasks easier for them.

Gives Strategies to Improve Sensory Processing Skills

Some people, both kids and adults, are particularly sensitive to stimuli, which can make it difficult to interact with other people and hold a job. Getting a set of skills to help deal with this type of stimuli is essential for living a more normal life. Better learning how to process sensory input through sensory integration therapy can be particularly important for these people, as it can help limit behavioral problems that can otherwise interfere with social relationships and make it easier for children to do well in school and adults to do well at a job.

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