Porcelain Tiles Versus Granite For the Kitchen in Sacramento, CA

Taking into consideration the differences between flooring options for the kitchen may make the decision a little bit easier for those who are considering redoing their kitchen floor. Two popular options include natural stone tile, such as granite, or porcelain tile.

Variety Available

When it comes to variety, porcelain tiles tend to be available in more colors and styles than Granite for kitchen in Sacramento CA. They are even available in styles that look like granite or other stones. Even better, porcelain tiles can be made with non-slip finishes. Some types of natural stone can be quite slippery when wet. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t a variety of different colors and styles of tiles made from natural stone, but it may be harder to match certain color schemes.


Both types of tiles can be very durable, but natural stone may be more likely to have inherent defects that can make it more susceptible to breaking. It also typically requires regular refinishing with sealers to keep it from being susceptible to damage or stains from contact with water. Porcelain tiles are less porous and thus less likely to be damaged by water or stained. A chip in granite is less likely to be noticeable than one in porcelain tile, however, as it is the same color all the way through.


Both types of flooring can be a bit more difficult to install than some others, as they must be cut with a saw. Porcelain tiles can sometimes be cut with a dry saw, while Granite For Kitchen in Sacramento CA always needs to be cut with a wet saw method. While porcelain tiles don’t need to be sealed like granite tiles, the grout that holds the tiles in does need sealing except in the case of epoxy grout.


Stone is likely to cost between 10 and 20 percent more than porcelain tile that looks similar, however, it also increases the value of the home and is a sought-after material for many people looking to buy homes. Palm Tile & Stone Gallery offers a number of granite options for use in the kitchen or any other part of the home.


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