Plastic Bag Machine Parts And Types

Plastic bags proliferate in North America. We use them for everything from carrying books to freezing our food. To produce them requires specialized machinery. Each type of plastic bag we know of may be created using a similar process but a different plastic bag machine. Parts of this method are similar but the type of machine a company may employ to produce the bags may differ.

Types of Bags

While it may only take two basic steps to create most plastic bags, the types of bags that emerge differ in size, shape and style. As a consumer, you may categorize them as

  • Freezer bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Garment bags
  • Grocery bags
  • Resealable bags (some with plastic zippers)
  • Shopping bags

Companies usually refer to them in another way. They look at them differently. They apply terms that indicate the process or the specific seal that holds the bag together. As a result, for many manufacturers plastic bags are described as being:

  • Bottom seal inline
  • Bottom seal out of line
  • Flatbed
  • Pouch bags
  • Sideweld (also known as SW or side seal bags)

To manufacture these diverse types of bags, takes diverse machines consisting of replaceable and repairable plastic bag machine parts.

Basic Types of Plastic Bag Machines

Some plastic bag machines produce a specialty item. They may make a specific type of bag. Other machines may be able to produce one or two varieties. The different types of machines are characterized not so much for what kind of bag we will use, but rather for how they seal the plastic to produce the bag. In other words, the description of the machine indicates the process of sealing

While several types of machines are currently in use, the following provided below are the ones most commonly employed by the industry.

  • Side Seal Machines: This is the most common plastic bag machine type. It obtains its name from where the seal occurs – only on the sides of the bags
  • Bottom Seal Machines: This type of plastic bag machine is used when the bag lengths are long. Depending upon the speed, this machine can seal between 120 and 180 bags per minute.
  • Pouch Making Machines: Of all the bag making machines, this type is the most sophisticated. They are also the most versatile. Some can produce as many as 200 bags a minute.
  • Bag and Roll: If the company requires a machine to produce bags in a continuous motion, this is the model.

While other types exist, these are the basic models in use. The extent of automation and computerization will differ with models and manufacturers.

Production and Plastic Bag Machine Parts

Different machines produce different bags. They do so rapidly. With the speed and constant demand comes the need for repairs. Companies who wish to continue the pace and produce the right bags for consumers know the best way to keep the machines running is to ensure the right plastic bag machine parts are constantly available when needed.


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