Pillow Block Bearings: The Basic Types

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services


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Plummer or pillow block bearings fall into the category of mounted bearings. Their purpose is to deliver load support for a rotating shaft. They consist of two major components:

1. A housing

2. A bearing

The bearing may or may not be replaceable. If replaceable, the bearing is an insert bearing. Bearings are available in several different types for different applications common use in Texas industries.

Basic Types of Bearings

Bearings are in wide use. Industrial applications include pillow blocks, engines and transmissions. They are components of large and small machinery. To ensure the optimal operation of various devices, bearings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and weights. Among the most common types of pillow block bearings are:

* Plain: They guide, restrictor constrain friction in linear applications employing a sliding action. Typical construction material is bronze. Many are self-lubricating

* Ball: Unlike plain bearings, this type rolls using a ball. Pillow block ball bearings feature both an outer and inner ring as well as ball bearings.

* Roller: The rolling element is a roller. They are best suited for rotary applications where they provide a low-friction, smooth motion. The four major types of roller bearings found in pillow blocks are:

* Tapered-roller bearings

* Spherical-roller bearings

* Cylindrical-roller bearings

* Needle-roller bearings

* Hydrodynamic: These are fluid film bearings. In pillow blocks, they exhibit longevity while maintaining both a high stiffness and load capacity

Industries throughout Texas, consult with the experts to ensure the right bearings match the demands of their pillow block applications.

Pillow Block Bearings

In Texas, the petrochemical industry selects its equipment with care. Companies recognize the need to match the bearing with the demands and specifications of the applications. Today, thanks to extensive and ongoing research, companies can choose from a variety of pillow block bearings. This reduces the risk of equipment failure while improving such qualities as an integral part of maintaining maximum efficiency and longevity.

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