Picking Up A Car From An Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

After an accident in the area, a car is usually going to have any damage repaired at an auto body shop in Johnson County. There really isn’t a set time on how long repairs will take. Some body shops have better turnaround times than others. Regardless of the turnaround time, there will come a time when a car owner is called to come get his/her car after the repairs are done. It’s important for car owners to know how to get their cars from body shops after the work has been completed.

Before accepting delivery of a repaired vehicle from an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County, a car owner needs to ask for an itemized bill. This bill shouldn’t be confused with the estimate given before the repairs. The itemized bill will actually have codes for all the parts that were used in the vehicle’s repair, and the numbers can be easily checked to see if they go with original equipment manufacturer(OEM) parts. This is important because some repairs may be done with parts that don’t meet the OEM standard. The final bill will also include warranty information and records of all payments that have been received for any completed work.

After that is done, it’s time to walk around the car to check out the completed work. Whether it’s Warrensburg Collision or any other shop, checking the vehicle should be done with the supervisor of the shop. The supervisor shouldn’t have any problem showing all the places where the repair work was done. Even repairs underneath the car can be shown by having the car placed on a lift. During this time, any painting that has been done needs to be closely examined. The painted area should be indistinguishable from the rest of the vehicle. There shouldn’t be any swirl marks in the newly painted area.

For repairs that are over a few thousand dollars, it’s not uncommon for shop supervisors to ask customers to test drive the car before completing the payment. It’s an important part of making sure that the customer is really satisfied with the work. Mechanics usually test drive the cars themselves to make sure the repairs were done right, but the customer still has the final say.


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