Picking a Personal Safety Device and Creating a Personal Safety Plan

It’s no secret that criminals are opportunists. They look for the chance to strike and then take it. The key to remaining safe is to deny a criminal an opening to strike and to bring such notice to any criminal actions that the criminal runs away. Carrying personal safety devices is just one way to stop a criminal in his tracks or drop a criminal in his tracks. Let’s take a look at a few of the devices available.

  • Personal alarms or panic buttons. Personal alarms can consist of anything that makes a really loud noise and fits in your hand. Crooks hate to be noticed and loud noises definitely bring the attention that crooks don’t want. It can be an aerosol alarm, or an electronic device that will blow them away with a wall of decibels.
  • Capsicum sprays. Commonly known as “pepper sprays” or mace, these devices have varying levels of capsicum and can have ranges of over 10 feet. Capsicum spray inhaled or sprayed in the eyes can be agonizing and completely disable an assailant. There are a variety of regulations as to who can carry what level capsicum spray in various states, so please familiarize yourself with local regulations.
  • Stun guns or tasers. Stun guns disable assailants by electrical shock. These come in a variety of forms from the classic handheld stun gun to pocket flashlights, canes and baton style flashlights.

Self-defense is unfortunately a necessary skill in today’s world. Criminals are getting smarter and trickier all the time. It’s a matter of survival to stay one step ahead of them. Ensure your safety and the safety of those you love by creating a personal safety plan based around self-defense, mindfulness, and personal safety devices.


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