Pet Ear Cleaning in Alexandria And Caring For Your Pet’s Hearing

Pet Ear Cleaning in Alexandria can help ensure a pet is healthy. When a person gets an ear infection, it can be quite painful. The same thing holds true for a pet. Ear cleaning can be done either at home or by a vet. Using both ways is probably the best solution for most pet owners. Pet owners have to make sure they know what they are doing when they clean the ears of their pets.

What Can Go Wrong With A Pet’s Ears?

A pet owner might not know everything that can happen to their pet’s ears. Infections aren’t uncommon. If an infection is left untreated, it could go on to damage a pet’s hearing. There are also parasites to worry about. If a dog or cat is constantly trying to scratch their ear, they might have an infection or parasite. Sometimes, things get lodged in the ears of pets. A vet might have to be called upon to remove any object in a pet’s ear canal.

Know A Pet’s Health

Different pets will have different needs when it comes to ear cleaning. The best way to find out is for a pet owner to ask their vet how frequently their pet’s ears should be cleaned. Pets that are prone to ear infections will need more frequent cleanings than those animals that don’t get ear infections. A vet will usually give a person a medicated solution to help treat their pet if there was an ear infection. Visit to learn more about ear cleaning.

Making Cleaning Easier

Some pets hate Pet Ear Cleaning in Alexandria. They will try to resist as much as possible. In order to get pets comfortable with ear cleaning, rewards will have to be used. Once a pet starts to associate ear cleaning with getting a treat, they probably won’t put up much resistance to the process. Talking in a relaxing voice can also help a pet to remain calm.

The ears are very delicate. When cleaning a pet’s ears, only approved cleaning solutions should be used. Close attention must be paid to make sure that the pet isn’t in pain when the cleaning is being done.


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