Pet Care Options for Total Health

Providing holistic care for pets is an important feature of pet care services. Pet care services in Fanwood are increasingly interested in meeting the needs of customers who want their pets to enjoy total health experiences while at doggie daycare or during pet boarding. Options for pet care experiences that promote the social, psychological, and physical health of dogs include both day care and overnight services in Fanwood.

The most important feature of a pet care facility is cleanliness, to maintain an environment that is conducive to health. Dogs will be interacting with each other during their stay, meaning that they could come into contact with aggressive dogs or dogs that play more aggressively than others. While quality doggie daycare facilities in Fanwood like K9 do not welcome aggressive behavior in dogs, minor cuts and abrasions are likely to happen during dog play. Staff is trained to address the total health needs of dogs who do experience minor abrasions during their playtime.

Similarly, pet care may entail some sensitive dogs experiencing some anxiety or health-related problems leading to digestive issues. When this occurs, staff at Fanwood pet care facilities like K9 can offer comfort without needing to resort to costly veterinary care. Dogs may be inadvertently exposed to fleas and ticks, and it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the total health of their dogs by ensuring that all pets are on flea and tick prevention programs during their stay at the facility.

The food served in pet care facilities should be tailored to meet most dietary requirements, but dogs with special dietary needs may need their owners to remind staff of their needs. Total pet care options for dog health also include bathing, especially during long-term boarding. Dogs also need appropriate rest and relaxation time for their health. Ensuring that dogs have the right amount of playtime and social interactions combined with adequate rest and retreat time, a good pet care facility in Fanwood understands how to care for the needs of dogs.


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