Permanently Smooth and Beautiful Skin with Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Getting rid of unwanted and unsightly hair by tweezing, waxing and even shaving can be a real pain. Depending on your particular skin type some may even experience damage to their skin from processes like painful waxing services. Not to mention, all three of these types of hair removal need to be done regularly in order to keep unwanted hair growth at bay. If you are unhappy with your current hair removal options it may be time to consider your local laser hair removal options. In recent years, laser hair removal has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures completed in the United States. It boasts a variety of benefits, including safely destroying hair follicles so that your unwanted hair cannot return.

Permanent Hair Removal Regardless of Your Hair Type

While there are many different types of lasers used for this type of hair removal process, they all generally work in the same way. A precise and highly concentrated light is aimed at the affected area, selectively targeting hair while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Most lasers are also able to treat many follicles at once, making this treatment both fast and effective. On Average, most laser hair removal clients experience permanent results after about six to eight sessions. In the past this type of treatment worked best for those with dark and coarse hair, as the lasers were better able to identify the offending follicles. Currently however, there are a variety of different hair removal lasers available to provide effective treatments to those with even the lightest and finest of hair types.

Getting Better Results with Customized Hair Removal Treatments

If you are considering laser hair removal in Boulder, CO take the time to contact reputable Aesthetic Medi-spas in your area. We possess the proper laser technology that is necessary to provide safe treatments to a variety of skin types, as well as hair textures. Contact us for a consultation today and allow us to customize a hair removal treatment program to ensure you experience the best possible results.


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