Performing Effective Weed Control in Spokane To Control Dandelions

When a property tends to have dandelions crop up amount grass during warmer months of the year, taking steps to control these weeds is necessary. Dandelions are known to crowd out other plants and make lawns appear unkempt. To avoid these situations, try the following steps as processes of Weed Control in Spokane.

Cut The Grass At More Frequent Intervals

Dandelions require abundant sunshine to grow without difficulty. Because of this, allowing grass blades to remain a bit longer than usual will help to thwart the growth process. This means the grass will require more frequent cutting. Contact a landscaping service to set up a grass-cutting schedule if necessary.

Pluck Dandelions By Hand

Picking dandelions from a yard will help to minimize them from spreading. Grasp a dandelion at the bottom of the step to help pull out the root during the removal process. Alternately, invest in a dandelion pulling tool. These are available at home goods and garden supply stores and work well at removing these weeds without difficulty.

Use Hot Water And Dark Coverings

Pouring a pot of boiling water over a patch of dandelions will cause them to perish. This method works well for homes with smaller yards with dandelions limited to sporadic areas. Another “home remedy” for eradicating dandelions is with the application of a dark shield over them for several hours. Drape a tarp or black trash bags on top of spots where dandelions are abundant. The lack of sun and hot temperature will cause the dandelions to wilt and wither away in time.

Call A Landscaper For Assistance

Landscaping companies have the necessary tools to remove weeds from lawns with ease. They will do an assessment of the property to determine the best course of action to remove dandelions without causing harm to surrounding plants and grass in the process. It is best to call a landscaper at the first signs of a problem so they will handle the removal process promptly and effectively.

When there is a need for Weed Control in Spokane, calling a professional business to help is best. Browse our website to find out more today.


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