Pediatric Home Service Is Available To Help With Your Child

A family’s love will help to support a medically fragile child, but they often need the assistance of skilled nursing. A Pediatric Home Service is similar to private duty nursing. It is given in the home instead of in a sterile hospital environment. Nursing care is available on an hourly basis to meet the needs of the child. In-home care is a continuation of the nursing care that was given in the hospital. The child is given their medical treatment and is observed by the nursing staff. Medication management and charting of their progress and treatment are also performed.

If a child has a condition that is considered a chronic illness that has lasted for a year or more or who has been in the hospital for at least a month, they may qualify for in-home treatment. Premature infants can have serious complications and may qualify for in-home care. Children that have suffered traumatic brain injuries or had a tracheotomy can benefit from Pediatric Home Service. When a child requires monitoring, daily medical treatments, or are dependent on some type of medical device or assistive technology on a daily basis, they may qualify for home services.

Children are given an assessment to determine how many hours a child would qualify for care. The home service can answer any questions the family has. The nursing staff should have a clear understanding of the child’s condition and the treatment they’ve received. A plan of care will be developed and submitted to the ordering the physician. When it’s been approved by the insurance company care can begin immediately. Depending on the level of care, a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse will be working in someone’s home. There may be a rotation of these two types of nurses. A nurse is also on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Careminders Home Care is compassionate and highly skilled. They are dedicated to the pediatric patients they care for. They understand the struggles a child and a family will go through and offer the support they need. They are accredited by the Joint Commission and have achieved the gold standard.


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