Options Offered By Top Ball Valve Manufacturers

A ball valve is one of the most commonly used valves in any type of application or system. These valves can be made of many different materials and can range from miniature valves used with small diameter tubing and pipe, up to extremely large valves used in industrial processing systems.

When choosing between different ball valve manufacturers, choose a manufacturer that has experience in your industry. In other words, if you need miniature or small sized valves, work with a company that is known for their production of quality smaller valves. The ensures they have the production experience, equipment, and quality control systems in place to provide fast turnaround times with exceptional quality valves.

Valve Configuration Requirements

Many people only think of the basic two-way design when considering options in ball valves for use in a given system. However, the top ball valve manufacturers offer two-way, three-way, and even four and five-way design options in these practical types of valves.

The two-way valves are used to control the one directional flow of the media through the valve. With three to five-way ball valves, the purpose can be to divert the media from specific inlets to outlets, to select different inlet and outlet options, and to mix different streams of media through the valve.

Valve Materials and Options

Not all ball valve manufacturers offer custom design and manufacturing options. When an OEM needs a specialized valve, the custom design feature allows for a fast, cost-effective way to create a unique valve for a new or innovative type of system, machine, or application.

When looking for a custom valve manufacturer, consider the option they offer in materials and designs. Do they offer plastic and metal for the valve body, and what options are provided for the seals? Are there various choices for valve control options, and can the valve be configured to integrate with a panel mount requirement in the given application?

Having a wider range of options in the design means more choices for customization. This is extremely beneficial to the OEM and makes designing the project much easier.

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