Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines—And Science!

Think about the last website you visited and consider the aspects that stuck out to you as intriguing, creative, or appealing. What about the page made you want to learn more about the services or products provided? How did you process the content on the page? While it may be difficult to pinpoint this on your own since much of your reading pattern is subconscious, scientists strive to understand the real reasons why you read and comprehend content the way you do.

Website design experts can utilize this information in order to optimize a website for consumers in the Oklahoma area—some of the information below can help you to do the same.

  1. Creative Bloq demonstrates a couple of the ways that people tend to read websites. The way that the human eye tends to read pages of information is incredibly predictable—an F page or a Z pattern are two ways that eyes tend to scan a page. Understanding these eye-tracking patterns can help you to more strategically place images or calls to action which might further engage your audience.
  2. Put important information at the top of the page. Research tracking gaze patterns of the human eye has shown that the majority of concentration is focused on the top few paragraphs before dwindling further down the page.
  3. You may not realize how important website design is for your Oklahoma business until you understand that visuals can be just as important for SEO as text. The way that your clients read or scan your page can be largely influenced by images, so make sure that you include pertinent graphics alongside your text.

The research surrounding human eye-tracking patterns is extensive and continuing to evolve, but there are professional web designers to can help to keep you up to date with emerging information. Stay ahead of the game!


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