Oilfield Construction Companies Benefit A Calgary Oil And Gas Company

Every oil and gas project is unique and offers a specific set of challenges for construction, pipeline installation, and ongoing maintenance. Finding oilfield construction companies that have the expertise to take on this type of project in the Calgary area is an important set in ensuring the project stays on schedule and budget.

Most oil and gas companies now outsource both oilfield construction and pipeline construction to specialized companies. These oilfield construction companies are not producers, but rather they work with the producers to provide the infrastructure within the oil and gas industry.

Some companies, like Platinum Pipefitting Inc, offer the full range of services from the construction of facilities and pipelines through to ongoing maintenance needs. These types of comprehensive service providers make it easy for the oil and gas producer to work with one trusted service provider throughout the project and as long as the facility and pipeline are in production.

Pipeline and Facility Construction

When looking for oilfield construction companies, consider the ability of the company to work on all of your pipeline and facility construction needs. The best companies can provide pipelines between components of the project, including for wells to tanks, tank farms, multi-well pads and gas plants throughout the Calgary area.

Also, any companies under consideration that can also provide full pipeline construction to move oil or gas to refineries simplifies the number of contractors on the job and allows for greater and more consistent quality control and safety standards in all aspects of the project.

Look for oilfield construction companies that are flexible in responding to specific requirements for the job. The company should have the ability to customize the services to meet the needs of the oil producer, including both construction and maintenance services as requested.

To learn more about what sets Platinum Pipefitting Inc apart from other oilfield construction companies in the Calgary area, visit us online.


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