Not Every Builder In St. Augustine Is Equal

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Lots of things can be built so the word “builder” can apply to many activities (such as a motor car body builder – or even the guy who goes to the gym for body building). To substitute construct for build does not really clarify which meaning we are referring to. So, for the sake of clarity, let’s state now that this article refers to the building or construction of structures from materials like cement, steel, wood, stone, etc. While this could include a company that builds roads, bridges or dams; we are only concerned here with structures destined to be residential homes or commercial premises (including the likes of hospitals and government buildings) that will be constructed by a builder in St. Augustine Florida area.

Who Can Be A Builder In St. Augustine?
At its simplest, just about anyone can build things anywhere. Do it yourself enthusiasts who build gazebos (or something similarly small) in their own back yard are, for a while, builders but we are really looking at a Builder In St. Augustine who builds something for someone else and takes a profit from the project.

While it is possible for someone who is a mediocre general handyman to offer to build you a house, you would generally be unwise to take up their offer. First of all, who is going to design this house? Then, how about all the necessary permits and approvals that are going to be required before any ground is broken – who will obtain all of these?

Even if you can get all this preliminary work dealt with; what do you actually know about such a “one man band” outfit? Will there be enough additional labor to complete your building within a reasonable time frame? Maybe the actual construction can be done to your satisfaction; but, what about connecting the utilities; or, the exterior and interior decorations? Finally, will your Builder In St. Augustine have enough capital to complete the project without you putting up most of the cost upfront?

Choose Somebody More Substantial
Maybe it will all work out OK in the end but the above choice does sound rather a risky way to go. Better to use a Builder In St. Augustine that has a more established profile (and track record). This probably means some sort of business entity. Ideally this company will be staffed by qualified and certified experts in construction activities and be capable of handling everything from design through to completion and hand over of your new property.

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