Need Help From an Auto Accident Attorney in Hampton, VA?

As auto accidents occur, many people can become seriously injured and even left disabled for life. Victims of auto accidents must be made aware of their rights so they can know the steps they should take in pursuing compensation. When someone is seriously injured and they did not cause the accident, they need to contact an auto accident attorney in Hampton, VA. An attorney can start the process of pursuing a claim so the injured person can receive just compensation for the measurable damages they incurred as result of the accident.

It is crucial for an injured person to be under the care of a doctor as soon possible. Even if the person believes their injuries are only minor, it is a good idea to check with a doctor to be sure. A full examination should be carried out to rule out any serious internal injuries, since shock can often mask the signs of pain and other symptoms that can alert a person that they are seriously injured.

While under the care of a doctor, the injured person will be provided with medical records to prove the extent of their injuries. Trying to pursue a case without medical records can be difficult and even impossible. If a settlement could be reached, it would likely be much lower than a person’s injuries deserve. From the very beginning, it is crucial that the injured person informs the medical staff that they were injured in an auto accident.

Working with an attorney is also an important part of settling a case. An attorney can pursue the insurance company and advise a client on how to give a statement, and can review paperwork as it is given. If the insurance company pursuit does not prove fruitful, the attorney can pursue a trial before a judge and jury.

Injured people can get help by hiring an auto accident attorney in Hampton, VA. Those who would like to schedule a consultation appointment can do so by contacting the Law Offices of Stephen L. Grobel. This lawyer works with accident victims to help them get the fair compensation award they deserve. Call him today to get started.


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