Moving -vs- House Remodeling in Charleston SC

Most people who have owned the same house for a period of time have asked themselves similar questions. They like their home, but now they need or perhaps want something different. Do they put their home on the market, or give it an upgrade with house remodeling in Charleston, SC, and stay put?

To answer this question, they need to take the following into consideration:


Prior to making a final decision on whether to move or remodel, homeowners should consider their emotions toward the home. Remember, what’s inside the house does not always make the “home.” Think deeply about your location and everything that surrounds it as well as your relationship with neighbors. Remodeling may be what is right if there are strong feelings toward your home and neighborhood.

A good home renovation contractor can see possibilities with upgrading that you are unable to. By choosing an upgrade, homeowners can stay in the neighborhood they have grown to love, while also having a home that fits their lifestyle.


It is crucial to consider a realistic budget when deciding on whether to move or remodel your home. This includes thinking long-term. Questions a homeowner should ask themselves include:

  • If they remodel, how long do they plan on keeping the home?
  • If deciding against remodeling, do they plan on moving elsewhere or downsizing in the future?

Making an accurate budget is also vital if deciding on a home renovation.


Homeowners must realize a home remodel involves a considerable amount of time. Renovation projects can take months to complete, and homeowners need to consider this first when making their decision. It can be difficult to live through this process if this is their primary residence. However, the end results are worth the time when patience is given.


If the decision is to upgrade, what return on investment are they considering? Home renovations recover different percentages. Some may recover 80% – 90% while others do not recover much as all. Seven years the typical amount of time needed to recoup upfront costs of remodeling.

Speaking to a professional in regards to house remodeling in Charleston, SC can help simplify your decision-making of home upgrade or move.

Deciding on whether to move or remodel can be hard. Talking to a professional can help you make the right decision. For more information, contact Stein Renovation & Design, or call 843-452-6980.


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