More Tips For Buying Your First Vape

When you decide to quit smoking, and start vaping, you are committing to a healthier you. You are likely to be breathing better and be healthier once you stop smoking. Switching to vaping is great, but the amount of information around vaping is still overwhelming. Vaping and life insurance, for example, are constant issues with most companies. Since most insurance companies still use vaping as a tobacco product, they still charge vapers the smoking premium, but that is off topic. Here are a couple of more things to consider when looking for a vape.

Thread Type

If you are paying attention when you are looking for atomizers, then you will notice that they advertise a thread number. In most cases, this number is going to be 510. This is because 510 is the current standard. Where this helps is that it means that if you buy a 510 vape, then any 510 atomizers will attach. Some will not work, but this is by design by the manufacturer to only work with their products and these are rare. You can buy vapes that are not 510, but there is not advantage to doing so, and it will severely limit your choice of atomizers. Buy a 510 thread vape for the best compatibility.


Batteries are another thing that comes into play with vapes. The thing about vape batteries is that they are not your normal AA batteries or any other usual standard. They use capacitor batteries to prevent them from wearing out in most cases. With vapes that have removable batteries, you will need a separate charger to charge your vape. The advantage here is that you can have multiple batteries.

If, however, yours does not have a removable battery then you will likely have a micro USB charger included with it. If yours is rechargeable, then be sure to check if it offers pass-through charging. This allows you to use your vape while it is charging, but most do not include this feature.


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